Cannot copy image from Powerpoint (Office 2011) in other applications


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Jun 10, 2015
Hello all!

I am trying to copy a picture located inside a powerpoint presentation (Office 2011, ver. 14.5.1) to another application and I get nothing.

When I try to copy to Paintbrush 2.1.1 : nothing happens after I hit paste.

When I try to copy to LibreOffice Writer or Presentation (Ver, nothing happens again.

When I try to copy to gimp, I get "There is no image data in the clipboard to paste."

When I try to copy from one office 2011 application to another (from Powerpoint to Word), there is no problem.

However, if I try to copy the picture in a new message in gmail (online), I get the picture.

Can anybody help me with that? It seems that the picture is stored in the clipboard, but some applications cannot access it.

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Feb 14, 2003
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If you have Keynote open the file in Keynote and copy the image from there. The same goes for Word docs. Open those in Pages and copy images from there. I'm not real familiar with Office but for years there have been issues copying images out of Office documents. Maybe things have gotten better.

An alternative is to do a screen copy. Display the image as large as you need in Office then copy it from the screen.

Use Command-Shift-4 to select a part of the screen and have that written to a .png file on the desktop.

Use Command-Shift-Ctrl-4 to select a part of the screen and have that placed on the clipboard. Switch applications and paste. Works great. It used to be that screen captures weren't so great because of poor screen resolution. Now it is easy to display many images at their full resolution so screen captures can be very useful.


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Jun 10, 2015
Thanks for your suggestion.

Strangely enough, I can copy/past in keynote, but when I try to copy from Keynote to paintbrush/gimp/libreoffice, I get the same result.

I can copy text between all these applications (including Office 2011), but I can't copy picture data...

I check in the clipboard to confirm if the picture was really stored, and it's there.

I am also familiar with the procedure to do a screen capture, but it is complicated for something really simple a copy/paste!

Any other ideas?


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Feb 24, 2005
Try this.

Save a copy of the PowerPoint presentation that includes the image you want as a .pptx file if it's not already – PowerPoint 2011 should save in this format by default.

Go to the App Store and download The Unarchiver [App Store Link] – it's free and basically just an app to deal with archive formats.

Once installed, drop your PowerPoint .pptx file on The Unarchiver app icon. The .pptx file will decompress and all the contents will be extracted to a folder. Delve inside, I think images are stored inside an /images subfolder. You might have to rummage about to find it as there are a few subfolders.

Since you have an actual file of your image instead of just clipboard data, you can open/import into the app you want.

PowerPoint .pptx file format is essentially just packaged resource data – similar to an OS X application package.

I know it's bit long-winded just to get an image, but useful to know anyway. Especially if you have a presentation with lots of images in it you need to extract quickly.

Hope it works for you.
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