Cannot create bootable flashdrive!

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Huntingbear, Mar 27, 2014.

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    I'm so sorry but it's come to this. I know this is my first post and the worst way to start posting BUT here's my problem.

    I've been trying on and off for the past 3 days in my spare time to create a bootable Windows installation using a jumpdrive. I'm getting really frustrated for two reasons.

    1) I'm using OSX Mavericks Disk Utility to write an ISO to the jumpdrive. It. Never. Works. No matter which ISO I use or which jumpdrive I use it always tells me "Could Not Validate Source - error 254" and I'm so sick of it.

    2) So I downloaded a 3rd party app to create the stupid thing and it seems to complete until I pop it into the PC and upon boot I'm told "MISSING OS" so it's not bootable. The fact is it's Unetbootin which looked like it's meant for creating bootable media for Linux/Unix, but it still lets me pick whatever ISO I want so I assumed it would make it bootable no matter the ISO.

    I'm so frustrated because after the first ISO wouldn't flash to the jumpdrive i looked up the error and someone theorized in a thread about this that they believe the OP's ISO was bad. So I hunt down another ISO.....same stupid error. I'm referring to the error I got with Disk Utility by the way. SO then I spent a good 40 minutes letting the Windows 8.1 Enterprise ISO download from Microsoft complete (all other ISO's were from other sources) thinking maybe all my previous ISO's were bad...all of I have THAT bad of luck or something. Nope. Same gosh darn error with an ISO I KNOW to be without corruption or missing files.

    I AM done and need help. Oh and fyi, I've been tearing my house apart trying to find some blank DVD-R 's I have somewhere but haven't been able to find them otherwise I'd have dropped this a long time ago. Besides, installing from a USB drive just seems faster.
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    Problem is your trying to do it manually. You should let boot camp assistant handle everything or at least browsed the directions saving you headache.

    Make sure the ISO you want to use is not corrupt. I'd swing for either that EE one or one you officially got from MS. Open boot camp assistant and let it do everything, put ISO and drivers on USB. It is very easy. Use a usb2 drive.

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