Cannot decide on bag for laptop... One strap? Two strap? Need advice.

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  1. Sundance Kid macrumors regular

    Sundance Kid

    Feb 16, 2005
    ok, i realize there have been many threads on this, but because i do a hell of a lot of biking, i have some specific questions to ask:

    1.Are the messenger bags comfortable to wear while riding for long periods of time? I was maybe thinkging Timbuk2

    2. Are messenger bags sturdy when your biking? I'm just worried about the one strap..... i would hate for it to slide down my arm, or swing off my back in the middle of an intersection.

    3. Should i just buy a nice sleeve for the laptop, and put it in my old backpack?

    I'm going to get a 15inch pb, and i am going to commute from my place to university.
    Thanks for your help guys :) .
  2. bellychris macrumors member

    Sep 25, 2003
    New Jersey
    I would def get a two strap backpack for biking, i think a sleeve would be good in an old backpack. People wont know there is an expensive laptop in there. A laptop bag would just call attention for people to steal it. I own a Booq laptop sleeve , I would recommend it.
  3. MemphisSoulStew macrumors regular

    May 10, 2004
    Unless you can find a messenger bag that has an additional waist strap, go for the sleeve in the backpack option. I cycle a lot as well, and usually carry any luggage in a pannier bag on my rear rack. I also have a small messenger bag with hooks on the bottom corners. If I ever use this I attach an elastic cord to the hooks which goes around my waist to stop the bag sliding around. The last thing you want is for the bag to suddenly swing forward and end up in front of you.

    Having said that, a single strap digging into your neck can get very uncomfortable, especially with the weight of a laptop, and I hardly ever use the messenger bag. A decent backpack with two padded straps will be more comfortable and won't shift around.

    I've got a Zero Shock sleeve which I'm very pleased with - Shinza sell them in the US.
  4. stevep macrumors 6502a


    Oct 13, 2004
    I would definitely get one that has room for all the additional bits you may want to carry - I find that my Crumpler is not quite big enough as I like to carry a mouse, charger, dvi/vga adaptor and spare vga cable (for hooking up a projector) and a couple of blank cd-r's. I also find that a neoprene sleeve (eg Radtech) is a good idea as the material most bags are made from is fairly scratchy, esp the seams around the opening.
    Go for 2 straps so you can carry it like a briefcase or with the shoulder strap, and make sure that it doesn't rely on just the velcro to keep it shut. Also velcro is incredibly noisy to open when you're in a meeting!
  5. Electric Monk macrumors member

    Jan 9, 2005
    Being a bike messenger at various times in my life I'd say that messenger bags are the way to go. Backpacks… Eh. They're not great biking personally and the wide majority of the bike messengers I've known agree with me. Of course we generally have them stuffed, half empty I have no idea if a backpack would be better - I do remember in school my backpack being really uncomfortable (and it was a nice one) if it was full of stuff.

    The thing is when biking they have to be high on your back, if you've seen a messenger you'll know what I mean. It's really high up, and looks kinda stupid if you're walking.

    Since hand made bags are the best, here's a list of messenger bags still actually made by bike messengers or ex-messengers personally.

    Most would also probably be willing to do custom work for you.

    Bagaboo (

    BaileyWorks (

    Cocotte (

    Dank Bags (

    PAC Designs (

    Push The Envelope (

    ReLoad Bags (

    Under The Weather (

    Zo Bags (

    Timbuk2 has really gone down hill in the last few years, I would have recommended them 4 or 5 years ago but the founder (a bike messenger natch) sold his stake, they've started offshoring work, etc… Just not as nice as they used to be.
  6. Sundance Kid thread starter macrumors regular

    Sundance Kid

    Feb 16, 2005

    WOW. Good response. What bags would you personnaly recommend?... i've looked through all the ones you've listed and more, and i am overwhelmed. I really couldn't decide on a bag because i have to look at them from over the internet, and don't have the oportunity to actually try them on, because i'm in a small town. Thank-you so much for your advice! :D

    p.s. they would be ok for carring my laptop?
  7. Electric Monk macrumors member

    Jan 9, 2005

    They're all good?

    PUSH bags are out of Toronto so shipping/customs is probably cheaper.

    Zo is the best, but you basically have to live in San Francisco and know Erik before you can get one.

    Out of the rest I'd say go with Dank, he makes whatever bag you want which is nice.

    Pac, ReLoad, and the rest are all really good too of course.

    Basically just go with whatever bag seems nice to you; they're all going to well made, good quality, etc...

    Although you can throw a laptop in any of these bags, a sleeve for it is recommended just like with any other bag. Good sleeves are an entirely different thread, but Zero Shock is supposed to really good albeit expensive.

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