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    If I go to Settings -> Music and then disable the iCloud Music Library switch, it will just revert back to the "on" position, once I leave the settings or switch over to the Music App.

    This is a really bizarre problem.

    I wanted to disable it, then manually clean some songs from the iPhone and then start over again, but it won't let me. While other people have problems switching the service on, I am unable to switch it off.

    Any solutions to that problem, except to reset the whole phone (which I will probably do, but I'll lose my Apple Watch Activity calibration data)?

    Thanks so much!

    Update: Inside the Music App I now signed out of my Apple ID Account. That enabled me to turn off iCloud Music Library...but now I have 42 songs on the iPhone that cannot be deleted. And parts of Apple Music, like the recommendations, still show up. All other devices are integrating really well, but my iPhone has become a mess.
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    Hi folks,

    I wanted to do a little write-up about a rather bizarre Apple Music problem I encountered.
    Maybe it will help someone along the way.

    After enabling Apple Music on June 30th (I've been an iTunes Match user since its beginning), I signed up for the Apple Music account (keeping iTunes Match). It went without a hitch an my 7000+ song library was kept in sync over all my devices (iMac, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone).

    Two days ago I had a notion to download all my songs onto my iPhone, suddenly had a change of mind and aborted the download. Later that day I realized that my iPhone had stopped synching, when I either added new streaming music or bought new albums. They kept showing up on all other devices.

    My first idea was to disable iCloud Music Library in the Music settings on iPhone.
    I could not. The switch just reverted back to the "on" position, each time I disabled the Library and left the settings.
    That is, when I wrote this thread.

    After messing around a little bit with all kinds of combinations, I did the following: I went into the Music App, signed out of my account, then I went to the Music settings, set the switch for the iCloud Music Library to "off" (but stayed in the Music settings) and then plugged the iPhone into my iMac, so it showed up in iTunes. This somehow finally pushed the Library switch into the "off" position for good and I got the chance to manually manage music on my iPhone. I found a bunch of songs on the iPhone that I cleaned out. Then I went into the Music settings again and set the Apple Music switch to "off" and unplugged the iPhone from my Mac.

    My Music App was then ready for a restart showing no songs and no Apple Music content.
    I signed into my Account again, went to the Music settings, enabled Apple Music and enabled iCloud Music Library.
    In the Music App the Library and Playlists were loading and everything looked good...however, of the 7416 songs (that I own and that are synched via iTunes Match, no streaming content) only 7347 showed up on my iPhone (7416 on all other devices). However adding new albums and streaming content was back to normal.

    I wondered, where those missing songs had gone and soon found the root of the problem: certain songs were not synched, but replaced by the same (or similar song) from another album.
    For example, the Born to Run album by Springsteen (which I have also as a playlist) showed all songs, however two of the songs (Thunder Road and Born To Run) were not the album tracks, but the same tracks from the Best of. So I was "missing" these songs, because the same two songs were on two different albums. This was also the case with many Dylan and various other songs.

    The synch and songs on all the other devices were still good.

    So I kept fiddling around with the damn thing, switching the Library on and off, trying to resynch, but to no avail, each and every time the same situation.

    Then I did one thing last night: I went to my iMac, opened iTunes, deleted the Born to Run playlist (which showed the correct tracks on all other devices and the two Best of tracks on my iPhone) and copied the correct tracks back into the playlist.

    And BANG: the playlist synched back to the iPhone with all the correct tracks and SUDDENLY all the other messed up tracks on the iPhone were correct again either and it showed exactly the 7416 songs that are present on all other devices.

    Since then: normal operation as if nothing had happened.

    I have not the slightest idea, what was going on, and the solution is rather arbitrary.

    But here it is, maybe it helps someone.

    This is all a little complicated, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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