Cannot download paid apps from Mexican store purchased previously!

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  1. carmeyeii macrumors newbie

    Feb 3, 2013
    Hi everyone!

    I bought my iPhone in Mexico and naturally used my mexican credit card to purchase apps, therefore buying from the iTunes Mexico store. 6 months ago I moved to the US and since I began using my work debit card to purchase apps, I was switched to the US store if I wanted to use that card. So in my phone there are apps that can be found in both stores (all are US apps), but some were purchased through the Mexico store and a few from the US store. My phone currently gets apps through the US store.

    I just bought a new iPhone, and understanding that the apps are not backed-up form my old phone in order to perform a copy of them in my new phone, I went to the App store under purchased to manually download all my purchased apps into the new phone.

    However, I realized that I can only download the apps purchased with the US debit card (bought through the US store!!) even though the apple ID remains the same, and my purchase history in the iTunes store through iTunes shows even my first purchase using the MX credit card in the Meixican store.

    Is there anyway I can re-download these apps, or do I have to buy them all again through the US store?

    Thanks a lot for your help!!!


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