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Discussion in 'iPad Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by pilot370, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. pilot370 macrumors member

    Oct 26, 2009
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    I tried downloading a game that is 1.6gb and I have 3.2gb available on my 32gb ipad 3. I get the cannot download error and tells me to go to settings and manage my storage. What's up? Seems like I have plenty of room or am I missing something in the way the iPads storage works??

  2. TheAppleSource macrumors regular


    Mar 9, 2012
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    iPads will make sure that they always have enough "working memory". What this means is that the iPad will make sure that it always has sufficient space to create backup images (i.e. the file it creates to then backup to iCloud or your Mac/PC).

    I imagine that this is what is stopping your iPad from letting you download the game. Try making a bit more space and you should be able to download the game fine.

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