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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by RookieAppler, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Hello. I have developed an app. It works like its supposed to be in simulator and also on iPad (under developer profile). Now we want to distribute it. We are a company registered for In-House development.The 299$ plan. So i created a in-house profile and app-id and everything. I downloaded the certificate and see it in the Organizer. Now I code sign the app with this certificate.Then i build an archive. So i have two steps more. Validate and distribute. I am stuck at validate. I try to validate but it gives me an error saying "Unable to find registered user with username". What is going wrong?Has anyone faced this issue. Please help me. Also ask me questions so that i will know if i am doing anything wrong. Thanks.
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    Err, and you can log in on itunesconnect with this exact account?
    Are you the admin account & have rights to distribute an app or not?
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    Validate is only for App Store distribution, isn't it? You can't and don't need to validate for enterprise distribution. Click on Distribute and select "Save for Enterprise or Ad-Hoc Deployment" - this will skip the validate step.

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    Mar 15, 2012
    @jnoxx. NO i cannot log into iTunes connect.I gave you the example like that. My username is of that format.I am trying to use the same loginid as i use for apple developer member center. I login there just fine. Yes i am the admin and i have the right to distribute. Also Reason077 says that i dont have to go through the validate step. I read somewhere else that i dont have to validate. Just distribute. So where am i going wrong?


    @Reason077. Thanks. I did that step skipping validate yesterday 4-5 times.I came to save as enterprise and saved the URL and images and got the .ipa and .plist files. I saved them in a secure server. I created a link and tried to download it. It starts to download and about after 70% installing (it was showing the blue progress bar one usually sees while installing an app) it says now that unable to download "XYZ" app.Done Retry. What do i do?Two weeks back i did codesigning with developer certificate and registered my test ipad on developer member. Then i clicked that link and it installed on the test iPad without a glitch. But now i unregistered my test ipad and i am using distribution certificate to code-sign. This is where the problem starts. What changes do i have to make to go through this step?Please ask if you have any questions.Thanks again.
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    I got it.My bad.I was not correctly mentioning the application URL. i was saying.../foldername/..i did not do ../foldername/name.ipa..when i did that and checked the share checkbox while creating the scheme i got it working.

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