Cannot open lock in Info window or change any file attributes

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by desertman, Jul 17, 2012.

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    I have something very strange happening on my Mac - I cannot open the lock in any Info window, I cannot change any file attributes with BatChmod, I cannot log out of my default user and log in as another user.

    When I try to open the lock in an Info window or when I try to log out and log in as another user I get asked for my password. When I put in my (correct!) password it gets accepted ... and nothing happens. The lock in the Info window remains locked, the log in window disappears for some seconds as if the system would open that user but then returns again to the screen where you choose with which user to log in.

    When I try to change file attributes with BatChmod it looks as if BatChmod is accepting the password and doing it but when I then quit BatChmod and start it again and look at the same file nothing has changed.

    I also tried wrong passwords just to see what happens, and as it is supposed to be I get the shaking password field as a response.

    I even rebooted the Mac several times from the system dvd and changed the passwords (to other passwords and to nothing and finally back to the original passwords) and have the same non functioning results. I actually cannot log into any user if I change the password for my default user with the system dvd, I just get the login screen for the users and whatever I choose there and whatever (correct!) password I put in there - I always get a grey screen for some seconds and then again the login screen with all users. I can also not login to root (which is enabled and has a password).

    Repairing permissions does not help. SMART status is verified. Volume (one of four partitions of a 1 TB hard drive) is ok according to DiskUtilities.

    What is going on here? Anybody ever heard about somethin like this? What to do in such a situation?

    Thanks - desertman

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