cannot pick a watch!!


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Jun 20, 2010
I want a SS... but it seems like a waste bc I get the new watch each time. My aluminum watches have held up great as have their screens! What to do??


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Nov 30, 2013
I’m in the same boat. I currently have a space black SS series 3. No need to upgrade. If I upgrade to an aluminum model, I can probably do it for little out of pocket after I sell my current s3. But I really want the gold stainless s4, but can’t rI ally justify paying so much more out of pocket.
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Apr 11, 2013
Washington D.C.
Would love to get the SS with no cellular as well. No luck though, ready to shell out $700. I must say, I would spend up to $999 on an Apple watch, but I do feel that rip-off gut feeling when I think of spending $700 + tax on an apple watch.
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Jul 3, 2012
Denver, CO
When the Gen1 was released I was torn about where to get the Al or SS. Went with the Al because it was not only less expensive, but noticeably lighter. I was concerned about the screen's durability, but no problems.

When I upgraded to the Gen2 I figured out I would probably be on the upgrade train since the watch was new and each generation would have fairly major upgrades. Since the innards were the same and the Al had proved durable enough there wasn't a compelling reason to spend more. So deciding on an Al was an easy just needed to hold up until the next gen. Switched from black to silver.

For the gen3 the biggest decision was cellular or not. I opted for GPS+Cell thinking I'd at least have the option of trying it out. I found out the Cellular connection wasn't for me mostly because of the additional monthy fee. Also went back to black. Liked that the screen kinda disappeared into the case.

Counting down to 1am. FYI...I've found the nylon loop to be the most comfortable band for me, so I'm gonna go with it on black.

Edit: the Sport Loop is the one I meant, not the nylon loop. I forgot what it was called.
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