Cannot remove media from "Device, Settings, Movies" in iTunes on Mac

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    I'm going to try and be as detailed as I can hear.

    At one point I had loaded up my own video files, to itunes to upload to my iPad. Even though those files have since been deleted from the device, they are still located somewhere IN my iTunes application on my Macbook Air.


    Boot up itunes

    Click on icon for device currently plugged into my laptop
    (see below for images)

    I then go to the "MOVIES" Tab under "SETTINGS" and i have media there.
    (see below for images)

    This media is not available for synce because it cannot be found. I would like to remove the "media" from the application on my itunes. I cannot seem to locate it anywhere.

    This media also comes up regardless of the device I have plugged into my laptop, including devices that are not connected to my Apple ID.Thanks for your help.
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    solved /thread

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