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    Nov 12, 2013
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    So Ive been really annoyed by this search bug since the release of Apple Music. Whenever I go and search for a particular song, I use the title and the artist name. however when I hit enter nothing shows up and the page is blank. If I search using just the title of the song or just he artist and look for the song it loads. Either I'm experiencing some sort of bug or Apple doesn't support multiple keyword search. Also I know for a fact that all of the songs that I'm looking for exist in the store. Its making searching for music a real pain because you have to basically go the long way to find a song. Is anyone else having this issue and if so is there a solution.

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    I am testing on iOS and yes, the search term you are using doesn't work for me either. However, searching for "dnyo grg day off" works just fine for me and one of the results is the song you are looking for. I have no idea why it is not possible to search for "dnyo grg day off mantzur" (that is indeed a bug), but the less complex search yields a useful result.

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