All Devices Cannot share Reminders list since update


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Oct 30, 2008
I use reminders all the time and therefore was really excited about the big update for iOS 13.

Turns out it’s been the app with the most issues.

My partner and I share many lists and are both on iOS 13. We can both see the lists but our changes are not syncing. So we tried creating new lists but now when I try to share it looks like the share action is about to start then just disappears. I have no way to add her to the list.

Anyone else ran into this?

I do wonder of it’s something to do with us both having iPads on iOS 12 still, because it’s a complete upgrade from old “Reminders”, there is sync issue there.
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Jul 1, 2014
Wild guess (have not turned on new Reminders, as need to get iPad and Mac updated first), should be only seeing issues on the iPads, as you mentioned, still on v12.

Something to try: turn off Reminders on the iPads, see if that clears out anything.

Another thing: separate Apple IDs (assuming so, as using share option)? If not, that could be confusing things on the backend.


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Oct 30, 2015
I also use reminders all the time, probably my most used app.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this, but scrolling through the reminder list is a nightmare. It constantly wants to edit any reminder you place your thumb on while swiping. At first I thought it was a new feature whereby if you swipe down fast, it jumps into edit mode. But i cannot always replicate the action and it also happens with slow swipes and again, not consistently. I wonder if you have this issue?

I don't share my reminder list so I haven't experienced the issue you're describing.

I also miss being able to quickly change to "Scheduled" view by simply swiping down on the "All Reminders" title bar. Now you have to go back to "Lists" and select it.


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Sep 14, 2005
I noticed the same thing. I am unable to share lists with my wife. Annoying because I actually was looking forward to using this as a shared task tracking and list management with her moving from Wunderlist.


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Oct 30, 2016
This was broken in IOS 13 Beta 8 and was resolved as IOS 13.1 Beta 1 was launched.. So you would have to wait for 13.1 on Sep 24 to get a resolution to this is what I think
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