cannot sync events from iphone to iCal on Mac

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    I Googled this issue, I have tried many suggested solutions to no avail.
    Is this a bug in iTunes? I have iTunes 10 on my Mac OS X Snow leopard and the iPHone is a 3G iOS 4.1 This is driving me nuts I have all my important appointments on the iPhone , I really want to have a back up on my Mac. Can someone help?
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    What have you tried, because doing this is pretty basic (i.e., set sync settings in iTunes to iCal)
  3. Oliver Webber macrumors newbie

    Sep 8, 2010
    Same problem

    I have the same problem: I have put settings in iTunes to include syncing iCal; what I need is the more recent info from my iPhone to be transferred to iCal on the Mac. I thought that was the whole point of a sync after all...
    What happens is one of 2 things: (1) I get duplicate events on my iPhone and no change to the Mac; (2) nothing at all changes.

    I'm a recent convert to Apple, and I assumed stuff like this would be easy and intuitive, but far from it. I have to say that iTunes looks and feels like microsoft at its worst - confusing menus, cluttered display, a general lack of clarity - but now I'm just ranting!
    All my software is up to date and I'm using an iPhone 4 with the latest software upgrade.

    Any suggestions gratefully received!
  4. randomrandom macrumors newbie

    Oct 9, 2010
    iCal "Phantom Delete" Bug

    First, regarding duplicate iCal events, contacts, etc.: when this happened to me, I fixed the problem by not using both MobileMe sync and cable-sync-to-my-Mac of my iPhone cal and address book. Or there may be a way on the iPhone to choose to view just one or the other.

    If not that, note the "Phantom Delete" problem with iCal on Mac (see below). I don't know if the problem extends to Address Book on Mac.

    The "delete" key only partially deletes an iCal event.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Create an event in iCal on Mac.
    2. Sync with MobileMe.
    3. Observe the event in iCal on MobileMe (or in another sync'ed Mac or iPhone).
    4. Delete the event in iCal on Mac by selecting the event and hitting the "delete" key.
    5. Observe that the event is gone from iCal on Mac.
    6. Sync with MobileMe.
    7. Observe that the event still exists in iCal on MobileMe (or in another sync'ed Mac or iPhone).
    8. Now create a second event in iCal on Mac.
    9. Sync with MobileMe.
    10. Observe the event in iCal on MobileMe (or in another sync'ed Mac or iPhone).
    11. Delete the event in iCal on Mac by selecting the event and then menu selection "Edit/Delete" (which, by the way, has no companion keyboard shortcut listed in the menu).
    12. Observe that the event is gone from iCal on Mac.
    13. Observe that the event is gone from iCal on MobileMe.

    Expected Results:
    Regardless of method of deletion ("delete" key or "Edit/Delete" menu selection), events deleted in iCal on Mac are also deleted in MobileMe.

    Actual Results:
    While the "Edit/Delete" menu selection works just fine, deleting an event via the "delete" key fails to delete the event in MobileMe.



    This Mac iCal bug may have existed for some time, causing no trouble except for calendars inexplicably never decreasing in size on disk despite pruning. However, this bug became evident and troublesome after sync'ing the Mac calendar with MobileMe.

    Workaround Number 1: Don't delete iCal events with the "delete" key.

    Workaround Number 2: To purge "phantom events" from iCal on Mac, export the calendar to a *.icbu file via "File/Export.../iCal Archive…", then import that same *.icbu file back into iCal on Mac.

    Subject: iCal "Phantom Delete" Bug
    Reference: iCal 4.0.3 (1388), Mac OS X 10.6.4
    Reference: Apple Express Lane Case ID 181341779 opened/closed 2010-10-09
    Reference: Apple Feedback submitted 2010-10-09
    Reference: Apple Developer Bug ID 8533391 opened 2010-10-09
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    Jun 21, 2010
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    I just had this problem (literally minutes ago) and solved it by turning off all syncing of MobileMe (I had the trial, decided it wasn't worth the $100 ATM). After turning off and choosing to keep all calendar events and contacts from MobileMe when prompted on my iPhone, I resynced with iTunes and voila- events are back in my iCal.

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