Cannot use Apple Hardware test, Please help

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MBP_187, May 22, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a used MacBook Pro (Late 2011) 13' with 4Gb RAM and had a 512Gb SSD put in. I have used Windows laptops/ OS for over 20 years and have never used any Apple products much, ie no iPhone ( I use Blackberry Z10), but I wanted to try out the MBP. I purchased the MBP for approx. £500. I would like to know opinions on that? I know maybe not best purchase, but I was limited by budget, still wanting to hear Forum feedback.

    Now the main topic of this thread : I wanted to check if everything was working well with the laptop and read online that I can run a 'Apple Hardware Test', which is built into the system : I have to hold down the "D" key upon start up and it will start the test...after a little while.

    I have been trying this method but cannot seem to make it work. All I am getting is that after taking a long time to load up (which it has never done before in the 2 weeks I have been using it) it just shows the normal log in screen. I noticed that there is a bit of lag (gasp) I have not seen any lag in the this machine before, albeit I have only used it a short time.

    I was wondering if the fact that there is a SSD in there rather thn HD is the reason why the hardware test is not working? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for the replies.

    PS. Since I'm totally new user to MBP, suggestions on free apps I should download would help, thanks.
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    I have no idea of why the hardware test is not working...
    The test should work just the same with HHD as with SSD.
    As for the lag, maybe upgrade to 8GB of ram.

    Free apps, I use caffeine to prevent sleep.
    Can't really remember others now as my own Mac is dead.
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    If the recovery partitions gone then it won't be available.

    You need your original install disks to access it
  4. treekram, May 22, 2016
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    For the late-2011 MBP, if you have a working network, you can try running the AHT over the Internet. Press Option(Alt)-D after you hear the chime on startup.
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    Thank you treekram. I have been able to run the test following your instructions. Thanks :)

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