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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Gunawan, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Good morning,

    May I know which country is this forum's origin? I'm from Singapore and have just picked up interest in DSLRs. I'm just curious: Amidst the worldwide economic recession where commodity, oil prices, stock indices are all plummeting, yet prices of DSLR cameras and lenses remain sky high?! Last night, senate did not approve of the US automakers bailout and this could have a tsunami effect on Asian markets today- there's gonna be a bloodbath. Wonder if DSLR cameras and lens prices are gonna drop?

    Just an update on prices in Singapore:

    *New 40D body cost about $1400 and should be falling as 50D was introduced, and I heard canon is gonna phase out 40D (Is that rumour true?).
    *A 50mm 1.8l II cost about SGD$120 in Singapore.

    What is the price of 40D in the US, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia? Can some kind souls care to share? What about lens prices? Which country is cheaper?
    Many thanks.
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    40D is $861US on amazon and the 50 1.8 is $85US. Interesting note that the 50D is only $1197US, not much more than the 40D
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    The forum seems to have a wide, international user base but it is in English so mostly it's from the larger English speaking countries but not exclusively.

    Don't worry to much about the US Senate. They only said "no" to the auto maker's first request which was for $25B with "no strings". Congress' answer was simply "show us a plan of how you would use this money to rebuild your company." Congress does not want them to spend the money building more SUVs that no one wants and then come back and want more money. So I look at this finally the government doing it right. They WILL come back with a plan and argue over it and something WILL get passed maybe as early as late December.

    DSLR prices are not likely to move much. The main ingredient of an SLR is labor and that cost does not change quickly. The high end cameras and lenses are still built in Japan where labor is expensive there. OK the local prices wil move as currency exchange rates vary.

    But if you are on a budget. Buy a cheaper SLR body. Bodies hardly mater. No onw who loks at the image will knw which SLR body you used. But the lens does limitwhat kinds of photos you can shoot. What I'm saying is if you are short of funds look for savings in the body, not the lens or other parts of the system.

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