Canon 7D Mk 2.. for sports.. but also landscape?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by alexjholland, Apr 9, 2017.

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    Hey, I started out planning to get a Panasonic Micro 4/3 camera.. but was convinced to spend a bit more and get a Canon 80d.

    I picked it up in the shop.. but also picked up a 7D Mk 2 and the conversation was over - the 7D feels so much more substantial.

    At the same time, a friend who does a lot of photography is insisting to me that the new Olympus Mirrorless model is similar or better performance and much lighter.

    However, the assistant in the camera shop rubbished this and said there is no comparison; especially for sports, where speed is required.

    I travel a lot and live by the ocean in Sydney. My main interests are sports and wildlife (I may get a waterproof casing for surfing) and also like some landscape, including slow exposure night shots.

    Is the 7D Mk 2 the best choice for me?

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    Unfortunately you'll likely get as many opinions as there are camera alternatives available. A lot really depends on what the critical parameters are for you and the sort of output (e.g. large print size) you intend. For example if ease of travel is the principal motivation then there are many mirrorless options available that combine relatively small size/weight with excellent picture quality. For many, the smaller form-factor of some of these options makes handling more awkward, especially with larger long focal length lenses. The larger sensor cameras tend to have better low-light capability for night and long exposure work and there are very good ultra-wide angle lenses available. handling is good but weight is greater, particularly with low aperture, long lenses of the kind you might want for sports/wildlife.

    In truth, most modern cameras and lenses provide decent enough performance across a wide spectrum of scenarios and it becomes the other factors of cost, handling and transportability that will likely determine your choice.

    I'd suggest that one of the many action cameras might do the job nicely for surfing at something approaching the cost of a DSLR waterproof housing - a lot easier to handle in surf too I'd guess!

    I personally use a Canon 6D - in my view a very good general purpose camera which is pretty light for a full-frame DSLR - probably similar in weight and cost to the 7D but without the higher frame rate (sports). I also have a Canon EOS M3 that I bought as a smaller option for convenience. Whilst the M3 works on the convenience front with the small kit lens, and whilst the photo quality is fine for me, once you put on a full-size lens such as the 70-300L (now a 105-450mm equivalent), you might as well use the 6D for better handling.

    Just my thoughts but there is no substitute for how comfortable you are with the camera in hand.

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