Canon G10 & Lightroom 2.2 Calibration?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by MBX, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Hey so i'm noticing some difference in color and look on the display of my G10 camera when i preview the photos and the way Lightroom displays them.

    In Lightroom my photos appear slightly more "red" hue/ tone and seem to have a bit less contrast.

    Is there a way to sync the camera and Lightroom so it displays it correctly the way it is showing it on the G10 display?

    Down on the LR "Camera calibration" panel there are no profiles to select from (only "Embedded") and i'm not even sure if that's only for the current photo selected or if it will use it for all my imports.

    Ideally this should be for all of imports and future imports automatically.
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    Don't look to the camera's LCD for accurate color rendition. It's there to allow you to preview the photos and do useful things like examine histograms. There are plenty of ways to calibrate your computer's display - X-Rite and DataColor have products that can help you with that. Edit: the calibration panel in LR is intended to tweak the raw converter - this blog entry discusses that:

    One more edit - if you're only seeing embedded in the profiles dropdown, then you're probably developing a jpeg. Needless to say, the raw converter isn't going to play any sort of role in processing a jpeg. I have attached a screencap of what my dropdown looks like when developing a raw file from my camera.

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    Sep 14, 2006
    True it was only jpg this time. I should've known it needs raw for this.

    I guess another way to "sync" is to check on the feature "use auto tone adjustments" in preferences. Seems to have done exactly what i was looking for.
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    Jul 24, 2009
    Of course you're going to use the LCD to judge your picture and I find the G10 LCD displays everything more vibrant, so the imported picture ends up looking dull in comparison. Every other camera I've had (several Canon point & shoots, including the G9) displayed accurately, but not the G10. So these camera profiles would be extremely helpful in this case.

    The only profiles that show up in my Lightroom 2 are "camera faithful," etc, etc. I wonder if these are specifically adjusted for the G10?

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