Canon i9950 review by me

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    Jul 15, 2004
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    After getting lots of recommendations from friends about how good this printer is i decided to buy it.

    I went down the local store and got it, it was a bit bigger then expected. it can print prints up to A3 sizes. It comes with 8 ink cartridges and is very easy to install, i had the printer ready within 10 mins for getting home. After installing the drivers i was disappointed with the prints, they just did not look as good. This was quickly solved after installing "Easy-PhotoPrint" cd that came with it. After selecting the paper type and size you just simply click print within the program and i got very different results much better results.

    The prints are very good, much better then anything i have seen, 4x6 come out in less then a min while A4's come out in 2 mins. I tested it for normal web printing and the printers were great and a quick word test came out very good.

    Overall i am very happy with this printer and am glad i bought it. I was put off by an HP photo printer a year ago after the prints came out very bad for the price i payed and the ink costs were to high.

    Pic quiality: 5
    Speed: 5
    Ease of use: 4
    Overall 5
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    May 28, 2003
    at home
    We have the i9900 and it's and awesome printer.Before that we had the s9000 ,also an excellent printer.FYI we found that this printer prints best with Canon paper and Ilford paper (the Canon printer guy @ B&Hphoto recommnended any Ilford paper that sez "smooth" and Konica. He didn't recommend Kodak , Epson and HP paper).We had tried epson before and it looks soso ;it doesn't show off your printer. Kodak not much better ,Fuji better but the colors are more saturated. So once we tried Ilford smooth pearl paper boy what a difference!!(is no too glossy giving it a more picture feel)
    By the way Ilford offers specific printer profiles for each type of paper!! :D


    I listened to a recommendation and it paid off.Even if you don't use printer profiles .Like all papers it tells you which settings to use before you print in iphoto (you know the advanced settings-paper type ,color ,image quality,borderless)and still are pretty accurate.
  3. king_leonidas macrumors member


    Jun 7, 2003
    I have canon ip8500 printer,is the A4 version of i9950.It has 8 ink cartridges too.Always has excellents photos with this printer.Easy to use,fast,good quality and a mac friendly software by canon.
    Also i have a canon 9950f scanner.i use it for scanning photos and magazines.I have high quality scan images with 9950f when i scan with Image Capture software.It comes with Tiger or Panther.I tried vuescan,silverfast and canon software and best quality images i have with Image Capture without check to scan with twain drivers!Apple does the best for scanning in 10.4.1 !!! :)
  4. aSpEeD macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2005
    I can not install the driver on my MAC 9.1...Most likely the MAC hving problems.

    but my boss is not keen to change.... Everytime when I try to start installation, MAC is not respond at all. I did try the lastest driver which i downloaded from canon website but it seems the same...
    Anybody can help PLS!!!!!!!! :confused: :confused:

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