Canon lens 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 v 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by legen.dary, May 26, 2017.

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    May 26, 2017

    I have a Canon lens 15-85mm f3.5/5.6 but I was also thinking about the 10-18mm f4.5/5.6.

    Is it worth while getting the 10-18mm lens or does the 15-85mm lens generally cover this range?

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    Depends on what you shoot.
    I use my Nikon 14-24mm for landscape work, but every now and then will throw in the 10.5mm if I want a different look.
    It's all a matter of choice.
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    I think they are both EF-S lenses right? So for a APS-C sensor camera. Meaning they are roughly 21-120 and 15-28 in 35mm equiv.

    I know someone with the 10-18 and it was a cheap lens. Not bad for the money. Think my mate paid £159 for it after a pricing mistake at a store.

    While they overlap, they are definately ultra wide vs wide to mild tele zoom so have different uses. The 10-18 like any ultra wide takes some learning to get the best from it.

    If you are thinking 10-18 as a way to get more in, then maybe think a bit longer as the ultra wides make everything smaller - that sounds an obvious thing to say but dont underestimate the effect.

    The 15-85 is a general zoom lens that has focal length coverage for most shooting scenarios where as the 10-18 is a bit more specialised for landscapes and architecture.

    To be honest, personally I think you would be better skipping it for now because I think thisnis one of those situations where if you are in doubt whether you need it, then likely you dont.

    Just my opinion mind you. I think a nice prime like the 50mm f1.8 or the 40mm stm would be better but I dont know where you are on your photo journey and what you want to shoot. Hope my rambling helps
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    I had the 10-18 for a couple of years and absolutely loved it. I used it for Architectural interior shots and general 'snap everything in one shot so I can check I'm correct back in the office'. It's super sharp and great fun.

    However.... I thought I would use it more for my personal photography and never did. It was one of those lenses I would have in the bag and never take out.

    If you know you want it though, it's super well priced on the crop sensor. Maybe try renting one for the day and see just how much you can do with it? Might save you a few hundred quid in the long run!

    I ended up selling it together with a couple other lenses with my 50d to bump the price up. The person who bought it uses it all the time! Swings and roundabouts I guess :)

    Oh and additionally, 10mm is much wider than 15mm, it's quite astonishing.

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