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May 12, 2004
I have an Imac G4. Whenever I install the software for my Canon Lide 20 scanner my Imac does not sleep. This happens even when i unplug the scanner. Has anyone encountered this and been able to solve the problem?


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Nov 30, 2003
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I have the same Lide 20 scanner running fine with my imac G4. In general I stay away from 90% of peripheral manufactures instal software, OSX just doesn't need it. Bin the disks & uninstall the software! You can import scans straight in to most photo editing software, I can confirm it definitely works with Photoshop straight out the box. You may also be able to use image capture found in Applications though I haven't tried it. If you are doing any sort of image or photo manipulation (non professional) I can thoroughly recommend you get Photoshop elements which which will import from your scanner and is more than powerful enough for most tasks. Elements 2 is now V. cheap on ebay now 3 is out.


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Jan 23, 2002
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I have a Canon LiDE 30 scanner and have a similar problem. If the scanner is plugged into my iBook, it will sleep when the inactivity reaches the prescribed time. However, if the scanner is not plugged in, it won't sleep unless I physically close the lid.

The problem is that there are 2 processes that are loaded up on every restart that prevent the Mac from sleeping. If you run Process Viewer, you'll see the two processes. They are N067U_Button Manager and N124U_ Button Manager. I force quit them both and my iBook will sleep fine.

Of course, the next time I restart, they will start-up again. I tried turning them off from the Login Items, but they still show up. So I just do the force quit and leave it at that.

BTW, I'm on 10.2.8, but this has been happening since 10.2.
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