Canon Rebel T1i vs. Nikon D5000 H2H


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Dec 8, 2009
I recently bought the T1i. Fortunately for me, I have never held another DSLR, so the feel never played a factor.

I did however do a 'side by side' comparison online with the D90. I am happy with my purchase. It is my first DLSR and for the price I think it should make a great starter camera.


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Nov 30, 2009

Tested Sony A330, Canon and D5000.

1st time with DSLR and ended up purchasing the D5000. Felt more comfortable in my hand, and controls/settings seemed easier to understand and use on the fly. Didn't like the Sony A330 at all, controls seemed all over the place.

I liked the LCD on the D5000 best out of the three as well.

As far as picture quality, couldn't say as of now.

Used to do film photography years ago and got away from it. Coming back is a whole different ball game as far as technology, but a lot more fun with instant feedback of photos.

Newbie on the thread as well, and a lot of good and interesting information.

Regardless, ends up being to each own's comfort and liking.


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Oct 5, 2006
Northern/Central VA
Which one would be easier to use I'm not sure though?
The ergonomics are different, with differing people preferring Nikon over Canon though Nikon tends to win more often than not in terms of pure ergonomics (I'd say it's at least 60/40 and maybe as much as 70/30) though in recent years Canon has added more single-function buttons to their high-end camera where that used to make a huge difference. On the low end, both companies rely more on menus than buttons to keep costs down, so it depends a lot on what you shoot and how. For a total beginner though the differences are probably close to nothing, as there's no baseline to unlearn.

The first body isn't as important as the line in terms of ergonomics- so try to use 2-3 bodies at different price points to get an idea of what's the same on a line- you're going to be getting a newer body sooner or later and it's going to be similar to the ones made by that manufacturer.
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