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Jun 8, 2013
What Microphones should I get for this camcorder? I'm planning to make a documentary which will consist largely of interviews with people, probably within their homes. May spend some time going to work with them, etc.

Thanks for any advice.


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Apr 10, 2009
To get acceptable sound quality, it’s necessary to get the microphone within a foot or two of the speaker’s mouth. You will need to investigate microphones in your price range that will work with your camera. (Also budget for cables, microphone stands if you decide to get wired mics, and possibly a mixer and/or external recorder. It all depends on the quality of sound your need.)

This might be wired mics for the interviewee and the interviewer, probably one going into each channel of your stereo audio on the camera. Another option is to look at a wireless set-up. The least expensive in the semipro world is probably the Sennheiser G3. Rode also makes a microphone that will work wired or with the G3 set-up.

A good forum about the wireless world is at DVXUser.

Good luck.
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