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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Jbgloss, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Feb 20, 2011
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    After what seems like months of reviewing blog posts and watching youtube videos I have decided to go with the Canon XF100. I put the order in the BHP and it looks as if it will be here in 2-4 weeks.

    Pretty pumped about it. I am using Final Cut X now primarily so I will have to grab some conversion software. For what I do X works pretty good and I am loving Motion 5 as a rookie. I cannot tell you how important this site has been to me and the members here. Thank you!

    As a rookie at all of this, I will report my stepping up to the next level with this Camera and X.

    BTW - the reason I am learning and using X is that I have only been doing editing etc... outside of iMovie for around 4 months. I bought a 3.33 Hex, put 16GB of ram and 2 SSD's all with the purpose of learning FCP... with it being discontinued I feel my time is best spent learning X as that is what I will be using for the most part in the future.

    These are for my own companies videos btw.

    I have not upgraded to lion on my Mac Pro, I have it on my new Air but waiting as I do podcasting and use the Apogee Duet and it is not supported yet. X does fly on this MAC PRO and so far for my uses I like it, but I guess I am a typical Prosumer :)

    Thanks everyone, looking forward to the XF100 coming in, after paying my hard earned dollars for it :)

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    Mar 1, 2010
    I'm loving my Canon XF100 so far. I've done 2 news stories so far using the XF100 and FCP X on Lion.

    So far there is no Canon plugin to import the MXF format as of yet. I've been using the Aunsoft video converter to convert from MXF to ProRes 422 HQ which imports fine to FCP X.
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    Thank You

    Thank you! I will grab that converter. Glad you got yours already, they have been hard to get. BH told me instead of waiting for the notification just to order and get in line. They get like 25 and 23 are ordered so they have 2 left for people who did not have an order in already. Crazy.

    Feel bad for the issues in Japan...

    Thank you

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