Canon XH-A1 vs. Sony FX7

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by ipacmm, Sep 12, 2006.

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    I am looking to pick up a new camcorder and for right now I have narrowed it down to the Canon XH-A1 and the Sony HDR-FX7, since both cameras a new, I was wondering which one you think would be a better buy.

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    Well, both cameras were showing at IBC the last few days.

    Just looking at specs, and with general feedback, the Canon seems to be where it's at. The only kink with that camera, is we need to wait to see how it does in low light... there were a couple of reports from people at shows where they seemed to see a lot of noise in low light. So, I'd say wait until the A1 is out and see what the feedback is... which should happen in about a month.

    Here's a good thread about the A1 (warning: long!):

    As to the FX7, it looks like total garbage, actually a step down from the FX1 (Sony moving FX7 firmly into the "consumer" category, from prosumer)... there's really no contest... A1 is prosumer and FX7 is a consumer. See this thread:

    Still, in the interest of fairness, you really should wait until the cameras are out to get actual "in use" feedback from filmmakers... reading specs and speculating will only take you so far. That said, from all I can see, I'm not optimistic wrt. the FX7. I'm excited about the A1, but we must wait to see if the low light scare is legit or not.

    Determine your needs, wait until the cameras are out and then decide.

    Good luck!

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