Can't access Bowtie preferences

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by golebara, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. golebara macrumors newbie

    Jul 21, 2011
    Hi guys, I'm having an issue with Bowtie (13Bold). I have hidden the menubar icon. So Bowtie only displays on the desktop. But I can't figure out a way to get back in to the preferences.

    Right clicking doesn't work. It just shows the normal desktop context menu. I have tried to look for it's settings file (.plist) in /Library/Preferences but couldn't see anything. I have also tried uninstalling it by dragging the app to the Trash then re-installing it from the App Store. But obviously it kept all of my previous settings.

    I've been scratching my head for a while and can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. golebara thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 21, 2011

    Nevermind. I solved the problem. All you have to do is double click on a theme file (.bowtie) to get back into preferences.

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