Can't access from within the local network just

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    So here's some info on our setup

    New Macmini Server 10.6.2
    With these services running
    DNS appears to up and running according to apple tech support rep

    We have web services enable and we is working within the the local network and outside the network
    But here is the issue

    Within the local network users can only view the site by going to or server.local or

    If there try it spins for some time then just says time out

    The same issue occurs if a user is connected via VPN from out side the network

    This is our Network setup

    Cable Modem to a Cisco 800 Gateway to a Apple Airport Extreme Dual Band then out the Giga bit Switch

    The server is hardwired right into the Airport Extreme

    There server is set to look at itself for the primary DNS and then the secondary DNS is OPENDNS

    The Apple Router has a manual IP given to us from our ISP but the 1st DNS address is set to look to the server first ( and the 2nd is OPENDNS and the domain name field is set to our domain e,i

    so now all the computers that car running through our network by default have the first dns as and the 2nd is openDNS

    I'm not really sure what is going on here but it is really bugging me

    Email,iChat,iCal,Address Book, are all working fine

    If anyone could give me some advice that would be great If you need more info and I can supply that to you
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    Check DNS. You'll need an A record for as well.
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