Can't Activiate my new iphone 5S (SIM IS NOT VAILD)

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  1. halta001, Jun 25, 2014
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    Jun 25, 2014

    I have recently purchased a new iPhone 5s from a Company here in UAE ! and sent the iphone new as it's to as a gift outside the UAE ! when they tried to activate their iphone for the first time ! it gives them the error that SIM is not valid !

    I contacted the company they said they can't do anything about it ! and Honestly they hardly understood the problem !

    Is there anyway to activate the iphone without bringing it back to UAE ? and if I find an SIM card for the same carrier there will it help to activate the iphone ?

    or is there anyway that can bypass it without affecting the originality of the iphone ?


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    If the iPhone 5S you bought isn't unlocked then there's nothing you can do. Call the company again and ask them if they can unlock the phone for you.

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