Can't add credit card to Apple Watch?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by venividivigor, May 31, 2015.

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    Hi I have Apple Pay enabled on my iPhone but I can't seem to add it onto my watch thru the app. I get an error saying "Cannot add card, contact bank issuer for more info" and I did call the bank and every person I talked too over the phone were clueless. They said they can see me adding it and that they'd call me back when it's resolved... it's been a week... I was wondering if someone found a work around this?
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    I was unable to add the default card in my iPhone tied to my iTunes account. It turns out that the expiration date and security code had changed since I added the card to Apple Pay on my phone. The solution was to add the card as a new card so it would allow fresh entry of all information including expiration date and security code. This seems to be a bug with Apple.
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    Sorry for bumping up an old thread, but I encountered this issue today. I set up a card with Applepay just fine back in July but my bank issued a new credit card today. After removing/ deleting the old card, I was unable to add the new one and received the same message as the original poster. I have an iphone 5s along with the watch. I was extremely frustrated thinking it was on the bank's side (it wasn't). I finally found a thread on the Apple forum that worked - I ended up unpairing the watch and then re-pairing with a restore from backup (encrypted). It finally works again!

    Posting in this thread since it was the first one I found when I started searching today, so maybe it will help someone else as well. The error message is extremely misleading :/

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