"Can't be modified or deleted because it is required by OSX"

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by MacsAreBetter\, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Hello dudes,

    I've just upgraded and am starting to feel like this is Apple's Vista! What I need advice on is this; I am really anal about my Applications folder, and there's a lot of crap in there I never, ever use, that Apple included.

    So I move (not copy) them all to a folder within the Applications folder called 'Useless Apps', you know, just incase. But they only get duplicated. So then I try to delete the originals and just have the duplicated.

    I get a message saying "DumbUselessApp" Can't be modified or deleted because it is required by Mac OSX. (really don't see how Stickies and Font Book are required by OSX, but you know, whatever). Thing is, it was possible to move them in Snow Leopard! What is this blasphemy!

    Hope you can help dudes, another second of this and I'm going to buy 8 cats.
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    You should totally make an appointment at the genius bar and ask them to help you delete your Font Book. :D
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    I wouldn't delete Font Book. It let's you check for duplicate and broken fonts and then disable or delete them.

    You might need it one day.
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    wait didn't figure it out... ok so i changed permissions on my 'applications' folder and all enclosed items... but it won't let me actually rename the folder itself. which is not that an important thing to do, but it shouldn't be this hard, right?
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    "sudo rm -r (insert application here)" will work just fine. Go ahead if you want, but there's no need to do it.

    That is all you need but not all I need. How do you kill this message? It does it for things besides deleting apps, and I need it to go away.


    It's not a permissions issue. It's just Finder's safeguards. Use anything besides Finder, and you can remove it. Terminal will work.
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    Two "dudes" in one post!:eek:

    Fortunately, no women ever post on MR, only "dudes".

    :rolleyes: :p

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