Can't boot and can't use disk repair or run hardware test (filevault)


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Jan 7, 2012
Hi Guys,

This is my first post here - be kind please :)

Bought a mbp in august 2011 and it's been working like a charm untill today.

As the title says my harddisk is encrypted with filevault, and the system is running lion, downloaded via appstore. My install dvd is snow lepard.

Earlier today the computer froze completely. I wasn't doing any work at the time. I came back from the kitchen and wanted to open the appdrawer (four finger 'crunch' on touchpad). The computer froze in the middle of the transition from browser to the appdrawer. Cursor was moving but couldn't interact with anything.

This is the first time to happen. I held down the power button until the computer switched off. I then swithed it on again.

The computer then asked me for my disk password (filevault) which I provide. The the computer starts the boot process. Ca. midway - the screen goes black and the computer dies.

The computer was fully charged when it happened. I have tried coutless time to boot now - with and without power plugged in.

Via the SL install disk I can open disk utilites. But I can't repair anything since (i guess) SL can't mount my disk as it is encrypted.

The comprehensive diagnostic test reports that everything is ok.

via the SL install disk I can go open the terminal. Would it be possible to decrypt my harddisk via CLI and the run diagnostics?

I really really really hope someone can help. Unfortunately I haven't use timemachine yet. Mission critical files are on my spideroak account - but it would be a huge pain to reinstall all over again.

Big thanks in advance,

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Jan 7, 2012
Update: I should probably note that I have manually (back in august) installed and OCZ vertex ssd harddisk and 8 gb kingston ram. But since the computer has been running fine for five months I am not inclined to think theese non-apple components has anything to do with my problems.

I have also reset the ram.

Here is a video of the screen why I try to boot.

The system profile tells me that I have no harddisk (guess filevault):

Ram and everything else seems fine.

Some other pics:
I can't repair the encrypted disk

Everything seems fine:

And the ram:

Power on self test:

Some pics of the install log:



Hope this excessive photo marathon can help someone to help me. Thanks

(EDIT: if the pictures does not show in this forum, then the can be seen in a new tab - the URL is correct, but it might be a permission thing from google docs)
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May 3, 2009
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Jan 6, 2002
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