Can't boot the Mavericks from HDD


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Feb 15, 2014
I restored the mavericks bootable on a HDD partition. To do so I used my friends MBP which runs mavericks as well, since my leopard machine couldn't handle it, dont know why ?

Once I prepared this bootable HDD, tried it on again my friend's MBP and the installation screen came up as I wished.

However, when I tried it on my leopard Imac, it didn't. On the selection screen ,which shows up upon pressing and holding alt key, I chose the HDD to boot, then the Apple logo appear and then my desktop showed up instead of ending up with the installation screen.

What is wrong ? Why it doesn't work as it worked on MBP ??


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Jul 30, 2003
Maybe your "leopard Imac" is too old to boot MavX...
Can you tell us which iMac you have, such as processor and screen size?
you can also look under your Apple menu/About this Mac, and tell us what you see there.