Can't boot XP anymore; BSOD and hangs

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by 23skidoo, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Nov 30, 2006
    First off let me preface this by saying that the only reason I have Bootcamp and XP on my iMac Intel Duo is because of one piece of software that I need for my job, and the fact I like to play the occasional game like Half-Life 2.

    Anyway, I got this Mac in December and I installed Bootcamp and XP. Everything has been working fine -- except for some reason I always have to reset the clock on OSX whenever I return to the Mac side. I assume that's just a Bootcamp issue.

    This morning I went to boot up XP in order to offload some soundfiles from a Sony digital audio recorder (ergo the XP software I need for my job), but instead of booting up, after about a second of desktop I get the Blue Screen of Death for a fraction of a second and the Mac reboots. I activate Bootcamp again and try to boot XP again. Same result.

    The screen flashes so fast that it's not possible to read all the code, but I do see the words "NOT LESS OR EQUAL" in the error line.

    So I load OSX. I notice, for some reason, that it's working rather slow. But it soon gets back to normal speed and I assume it's a result of the XP-side crash.

    After doing some just-in-case back-ups of material on the Mac side, I try rebooting XP in safe mode, but the F8 key trick does not work (following a suggestion on another board, I did a restart rather than a start-from-off but it made no difference). However this time instead of going to BSOD and rebooting the screen just freezes and I ultimately have to unplug my Mac because no combination of keyboard or power-button pressing has any effect. I have no idea of that's due to the F8 pushing or not.

    Typical Microsoft.

    So anyway, is there any way around this (I was hoping System Restore might work but one has to be able to boot XP in safe mode in order to access it) or do I have to reinstall Windoze and all that? Fortunately there's nothing vital on the XP partition so if I have to blank it, so be it. In which case my question becomes, how do I go about reinstalling?

    I'm not very well versed on all the lingo, but from the technical side I did not do any specialized install of Bootcamp; I used the default settings and the provided drivers, and the only bit of hardware I added was the Sony IC Recorder USB connection and Digital Voice Editor 2.3 software (any Mac versions available?) and it's been working fine for weeks. And I do not use the XP side for any Internet surfing, etc. for the obvious virus reasons.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.



    PS. It has not escaped my attention that my XP dies the day Vista is released. If I were into conspiracy theories I might have something to say about that ...
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    Nov 30, 2006
    Is this thread in the wrong forum?

    Since no one has replied to this thread I'm wondering if perhaps I've posted it to the wrong board. Can anyone suggest a Mac board where I might be able to get an answer to my question? I still can't boot up the XP side using Bootcamp -- still hanging or BSOD'ing me.


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    Mar 7, 2006
    Salt Lake City UT
    Do you listen to Bill Evans, the jazz pianist BTW? 23 Skidoo is one of his classics.

    About the Bootcamp, I would delete the Windows partition and reinstall. Your registry is most likely corrupted.

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