Can't buy a Macbook with US Keyboard in Turkey

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by kaans, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Nov 17, 2014
    I don't know why but Apple isn't selling Macbook's with US keyboards in Turkey, when I called to ask them about why, they said "It's not allowed" - but it doesn't make sense, there are various other keyboards in sale in Turkey with US Keyboards - There is one major/authorised Apple reseller that sells macbook's with US layouts, there is demand

    For this reason, people who use or prefer other layouts are forced to buy laptops from resellers - not ideal, since not all the models are available

    Is there any way I can plead Apple to let people order/custom-order different language/layout's in local stores?
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    You can plead and of course I have no idea of the response but I have experienced having to purchase a MackBook Pro in Asia that was not my preferred keyboard (UK) and I was able to very quickly work with the minor differences. However, if your Turkish alternative does not use Roman alphabet (?) then I can readily see the dilemma.
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    You can email Tim Cook if you like, you'all even likely get a reply. However I doubt that one email is going to make any difference to how Apple conduct their business in turkey. If you can get 50,000 people to do it they may look into their policies for sales in turkey but I wouldn't bet on it they are pretty good on their customer research, and I'm sure if there was a large enough market they'd be available, they are in Japan for example.
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    You need to also consider that it may in fact be a restriction imposed by the Turkish government, not Apple. If that's the case, it won't do you any good complaining to Apple. The fact that Apple responded by saying "It's not allowed" should be your definitive answer. :(
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    Sounds like a good reason to have a trip to Vegas! Buy the laptop while you are out there... ;)
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    Orhan KAYA

    Oct 7, 2016
    well we do use the Roman letters though..
    I do share the same feelings with you mate.. I need a US keyboard as well..
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    No it is not.. demand may be low though..
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    You can plead all you want, but it won't matter. I don't know why they don't, but one consumer asking isn't going to change anything. I don't know why they prevent you from this, but I think your hands are tied.
  8. bingeciren, Oct 9, 2016
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    I would say the decision is made by Apple depending on the country. For example, in Switzerland, where German, French and Italian are the official languages, you can select among those keyboards. However, interestingly enough, you can also select a US keyboard layout as well.

    In Canada, French and English being the official languages, you would expect the two keyboard layouts be available. Then again, for some mysterious reason, Arabic keyboard has been added to the selection. Since when Arabic became so popular in Canada, I have no idea. I would not be surprised to see Chinese given the large Chinese population in Canada but Arabic?

    In Turkey, logically speaking, at least the US keyboard layout should be available, similar to Switzerland.

    The best thing is do what I do and buy it in the states. The price difference between, say a 12" MB is $1750 in the US (including the NY sales tax) and at todays exchange rate the same Macbook is $2100 in Turkey (all taxes included). Add $250 Apple Care+ on it when you buy it in the states to extend the warranty to 3 years international, now the price is about the same but you have 3 years Apple Care+ warranty instead of 2 years standard warranty if you buy it in Turkey.

    The only problem is, either you have to be traveling to the US or have someone bring it for you.

    The Turkish QWERTY keyboard layout is not entirely unliveable. I mainly object to the small Return key and the special character layout being completely different on top of the numeric keys and the @ sign being hidden (alt-Q and there is no way to guess if you don't know where it is).
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    NY is closer but not as much fun

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