iPhone Can't buy anything off Cydia

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by mashinhead, Feb 22, 2014.

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    I can't actually purchase anything off cydia because it's a poorly made system.

    First off I use long passwords generated by an app, as a lot of people do now days. They aren't typed by memory its by copy and paste. So I have to multi-task between apps. Problem is cydia asks for you to authenticate yourself via google or Facebook, but it doesn't ask you once and remember it, it asks you every time. Furthermore, when you multi-task between apps, it doesn't remember your place in the system. It takes you back to the initial app screen. So if I click by the first place it takes me is to a google authenticate. I put in my password. It then asks me for my Amazon password. I have to multi-task out to get it and paste it in but when I come back it hasn't remembered my spot. So now I have to reautheticate via my google password.

    It's a paradox resulting in NOTHING BEING PURCHASABLE!!!!
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    Can't buy anything off Cydia

    I know this doesn't completely solve your issue, and I know that it can be annoying, but you can set up Amazon to keep your information on file in Cydia. You would still have to write down that long password for Amazon and enter it manually to set that up since the issue you were running into would happen after Google authentication but once that was done once you would only have to enter the Google password for a year or until you reach the monetary limit that you have set in Amazon.

    Here is a link describing the process I just mentioned:


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