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Aug 15, 2011
Hi, I have a problem, I try to change icons on Lion but I have as result the file icon but not the pic of the file...
I saw this tutorial
But it doesn't work for me... I didn't find that VolumeIcon file...

It's the same the kind of file I use, .ico .icns .png

This is the result I have.

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Apr 13, 2011
I just picked a picture from my pix folder (a .jpg but it doesn't matter much).
This one:

Opened it with Preview App.
Resized a copy to about 128 pixels.
Did a 'select all' and 'copy'
Then I went to the Finder and located the file or drive I wanted to give a new icon.
I selected it, and chose 'Get Info' from the Finder's File Menu.
Once the Finder info window opened, I clicked the boring old icon in the window's top left corner, selecting it.
Then I chose 'Paste' from the Edit Menu.
The original Icon was immediately replaced with my happy, dancing, fiddle-playing kitty.
Upon closing the get Info window, I see that the new icon is in place on the file itself. :)

If you get to the point of wanting to paste your image over the old icon and the 'Paste' command in the Edit Menu is disabled, it's probably because your attempt to 'copy' the image failed. Go to Finder's Edit Menu and choose "Show Clipboard". You should see your picture in the window that opens. If not, try copying it again.

if for some reason you get tired of happy, dancing, fiddle-playing kitties, then choose 'Get Info' on the file again, as above, select the Icon, and choose cut from the Edit Menu; or just hit backspace if you no longer want the image at all.
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