Can't change Ownership Permissions on mirrored RAID drive

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  1. DC2739 macrumors newbie

    Mar 4, 2010
    I'm helping someone who recently cloned all of their server data from a MacPro running 10.5 server to a new MacPro server running 10.6 server. They have their network users' home folders on a mirrored RAID with no OS loaded onto it. When they made the switch, the owner permissions for all of the users' home folders were reset. When I try to change them back, either through the Finder or Server Admin, once I try to save them the permissions revert back to the incorrect owner. It won't save the changes i make. I thought the problem was a result of the newer RAID having been created in 10.5 by the old machine, but I recreated the RAID in 10.6 and transferred the data back and it still has the same issue. The homes are really messed up because of this. Any ideas?
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    Who owns the mounted volume? Say it was mounted at /Volumes/Data you could use Terminal to see this:

    ls -lad /Volumes/Data
    Personally, I'd use Terminal anyway, as it would be more likely to show you usable error messages, if any.

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