Can't decide between Silver or Grey - Comparison pictures anyone?


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Sep 28, 2014
I've decided to settle for an iPhone 6 plus but I'm unsure about what color to get. I don't particularly care about the back but I'm not sure what bezel to get on the front. All my previous iPhone models have been white as I prefer to have paler wallpapers and the iOS apps fit a whiter screen better. However, this year the new rounded edges supposedly make the black/space grey version very viable so I've been reconsidering for the past 8 or so hours.

I've seen tons of black iPhone 6's compared to white iPhone 6 Plus' and vice versa but have yet to see a good picture of two different colored iPhone 6 or 6 plus models compared to each other. So if someone who has two different colored same size iPhone 6/6 Plus models that they would like to throw in next to each other (Preferably with the screen on as well) it would be greatly appreciated.

Tl;dr: Can't decide what color to get, pictures of same size different color iPhone 6/6 Plus would be fantastic.

All in all, thank you to anyone who can help me settle as I really am torn between the two. :)


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Nov 15, 2012
The 6 series looks best in space gray IMO.

It just works. My next pick is gold then silver.

Space gray > gold > silver


Feb 3, 2010
United Kingdom
I have the Space Grey 6 Plus, my dad has the silver 6. Both are very nice colours (both much nicer than gold in my opinion), though the space grey does appear more seamless. The silver ring around Touch ID is really nice though.

I kind of regret getting the Space Grey, but they're both so nice than it's only a tiny regret. I think the black front helps give an optical illusion that the phone's smaller - if I were to get a 6, I would've probably have purchased a silver one.
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