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Nov 1, 2015
First of, I have iphone5 for calls and MacBook Air 13 for freelance job(on weekends).
I need tablet for:
  1. For study. To read articles, sites, sometimes PDF files. To do this in subway/bus, when I have spare time. I need to be able to use desktop-mode sites w/o problems. Also, I should not have a "nah, too lazy to get this big thing from bag" feel. Currently I use macbook - so I can't do it in spare time.
  2. For youtube and movies. When I'm home or at cafe. Macbook currently at home and iphone in outside - I can't stand both.
  3. For web, skype, chats and youtube at home. This is where I need multitasking. Sometimes I better lay on bed and use iphone instead of macbook, because macbook isnt comfortable enough because of weight. But.. iphone is too small and cant serve as multitasking device.
  4. Guitar processor at home, maybe tracks mixing. Macbook isn't handy as processor, I want to switch things by touch.
So I really need a tablet. Since first point, I need cellular module. Since 2 and 4... I can't use 16gb one. And since 3 point.. it better to be mini4 or air2, for multitasking.

I can buy air2 relatively cheap for my country(Russia), but I mini4 cost is way too much. But if air2 will be too big... I will be forced to look for mini4 anyway.

And I will not change device in 1.5-3 years. I don't plan to change iPhone too, so I need device, which will fit my needs.

So... any personal suggestions?
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Nov 9, 2013
If you can, get a hold of a mini you can download some pdf documents onto and try it out. I use my retina mini for reading pdfs and I love it for that purpose, but other people find the size of the font too small to comfortably read.


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Mar 3, 2008
From reading through your use cases I would definitely recommend the iPad Air 2. It is a fantastic blend of power and portability.

The Mini would probably be a little on the small side for all the video you're talking about watching. The Air 2 has a decent sized screen and can be held in one hand. The Pro has some really awesome new features like the Pencil input and four-speaker setup but it is 50% heavier than the Air 2 and its footprint is almost as large as your MacBook Air's.


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Oct 24, 2014
For on-the-go 8" is more optimal. 10" is too big for one handed use and too small for real productivity compared to 12"+.

I have a 9.7" iPad but use my an 8" Galaxy Tab S2 most of the time.