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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Randell, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Nov 11, 2012
    Two months ago I had my mind set on getting the new iMac 21 but after it taking Apple so long to get them out, I ended up spending my money. Now the 27s are out and I'm wanting one of them. Here's the problem though.

    I'm having problems deciding between the Mac 27 and ASUS ET2701 ET2701INKI-B030C 27-Inch Desktop. These are my two front runners.

    Another reason I strayed from the iMac in the first place, I want to get the new Sim City and I didn't know it was coming out for the Mac so I started looking at PCs. Later I found out that the game is actually coming out on the Mac but I have other reasons for wanting the Asus. These are my reasons:

    Has Blu-ray drive
    Cheap for the size, at least compared to the iMac

    Asus: Cons
    Reviews are mixed

    Has great reviews

    iMac: Cons
    No Blu-ray drive
    doesn't support many of the programs I use

    I know this is probably a terrible place to even mention wanting a PC, I just can't decide which to get. I don't really need the Blu-ray drive but it would be nice, so if I take my computer on the road with me I won't have to tug a player with me and the 27 screen is plenty big enough (although my TV is a 72in lol).

    I'm not a gamer, Sim City is about the only game I will play so gaming is not really a deciding factor in the purchase, although the higher resolution pushes me to the iMac, plus it has a faster processor.

    I have not doubt that the iMac is the best of the two. If I go for the iMac I think I will get just the standard 2k higher end model.

    So, can someone please help me decide?

    I believe honestly, that the Asus will make me happy and will do what I need it to, plus save me about 1k but part of me really wants a Mac. lol
  2. Siemprerosso macrumors newbie

    Sep 4, 2012
    If you want an iMac, buy one. That asus is just a lame copy of it. If just want an all in one pc buy the asus, you know best what you are going to use it for.
  3. 100Teraflops, Dec 30, 2012
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    Questions I think you can ask yourself and be honest. Do you own IOS or Android devices? Which monitor do you like better and why? Since you state Blu-ray isn't a deal breaker, one vote for the iMac. However, you can buy a blu-ray player plug and play! You stayed away from the iMac because you aren't a gamer, yet you want to play a modern game: Sim City. Maybe gaming is more important than you initially thought?

    The iMac is new and people have orders ahead of yours, saying you don't buy one in an Apple store, so time is on your side. Furthermore, lasso your budget or figure out what you want to spend, then sleep on it for a few days. I find sleeping on a decision helps me decide what to do when I am grappling with a purchase or one of life's obstacles. YMMV

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