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    Trey M

    Jul 25, 2011
    Hi all,

    So I've read lots of threads/info about how messed up this new Apple Music/iTunes Match has all gone down, yet I've still been unable to figure out what's going on with my phone...

    I had all kinds of weird issues (duplicate songs in my library on my computer and phone) and I got totally tired of it. So, using the Create a New Library method and deleting my iCloud Music Library, I thought I was good and this would solve all of my issues. My computer is currently set to where iCloud Music Library is disabled. Everything is good to go on my Mac.

    However, the issue I'm having is with my iPhone. I have iCloud Music Library disabled on my iPhone as well, only Apple Music is enabled. The problem is, on my phone, there is no way to delete songs stored in the cloud. If I set my phone to ONLY show music available offline, there are no issues and no songs at the moment. However, when I turn that setting off (to therefore show all music), there's still a large amount of songs (most have duplicates) that I'm unable to get rid of. I don't understand how these songs are even on my phone since I have iCloud Music Library disabled. I even went as far as to go to Settings>General>Usage>Manage Storage and tried deleting ALL my songs that way, but these songs are still on here. I've tried restarting my phone, deleting these songs via iTunes on my computer, all to no avail. How do I get rid of these songs on my phone??
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    First take some backup in case something goes wrong.

    Disable Apple Music on your iPhone and sign out with your Apple ID on your iPhone.

    If your library on your computer is good to go, then I would switch iCloud Music library to on, on iTunes. That should then make everything you have on iTunes on your computer available for all the other devices that use that same Apple ID.

    Once iTunes has finished adding the stuff to the cloud/iCloud. Switch on iCloud Music library and Apple Music on your iPhone and make sure you are signing in with the same Apple ID as to what you are using on iTunes on your computer.

    This should then show the same content etc on your iPhone that you are seeing on iTunes on your computer.

    Like I said at the beginning, take some backups first!

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