Can't delete music

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by TheSecretEmber, Jul 25, 2014.

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    Jul 25, 2014
    This is happening on my IPhone 5s and IPad 3 (IOS 7.1 for iPhone and iOS 7 for iPad) I swipe to delete music and it doesn't show the red delete button. This music is my brothers and I didn't download it, it just automatically downloaded without the setting on. So now I have a lot of rap and unwanted heavy metal music on my devices. I tried to delete them from the PC but I don't always have access to the computer due to it being a family computer. The photo below is what it does when I try to swipe to delete.

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    I also had a big problem with this in ios 7.0.x. I found the only hope is make sure show all music is off. But I think I had to turn it on to delete music and then turn it back off to get it to go away.... Yeah it's screwed up a bit. Try that.
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    Can't delete music

    You'll either have to turn 'Show All Music' off in settings, or turn on 'Manually Manage Music & Videos' in iTunes (on the family computer that you sync to). Only gotta do it once.
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    Jul 25, 2014
    I don't have cloud music on but I will try family sync, thanks.
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    Rather than make my own thread...

    I've turned on manual management of music and videos and synced my iPhone - without actually selecting any music to sync.

    iTunes says I've got 25GB free on my iPhone with only a few songs, but my iPhone says I've only got 2.2GB. It hasn't actually deleted any music and I can play it still.

    I've tried turning off 'show all music' and this makes no difference.

    When I go to settings > general > usage it shows "No data" under music, but when I go into the music app all of my songs are still in there... not just the ones I've purchased in iTunes, but every track I synced to the device.

    iTunes thinks I have no music on there and the phone doesn't seem sure, because my overall free space is low but it thinks I have no data in music. So it seems conflicted about what's going on.

    Any ideas about how I can delete music? I have thousands of songs on there so I'm not going to swipe to delete it all...

    I'd rather not restore if I can help it, but that will be my next step if no other suggestions.


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