Can't delete OLD U2 song

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by spamurai, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Mar 23, 2012
    Hi there.
    I've been on this forum for a while, but never posted. so I apologise if this is in the wrong subforum.

    My iPhone 6+ arrived yesterday and I began downloading some of my old music from iCloud to my phone, I accidentally pressed an old U2 song that I downloaded years ago for some reason.

    Also, as you know we were given the U2 album from Apple...

    Anyhoo, I have since gone to the Apple form where you can remove (or opt out) of the U2 Album. Finally after turning my iPhone off and on again, the album has been removed...

    Unfortunately, I can not seem to remove the OLD U2 song I accidentally re-downloaded from my iCloud... It's doing my head in...

    I've tried removing everything from my iPhone and re-syncing all music manually, but it's still there...

    It's the only song I can't remove by sliding to the left to prompt the delete button... (baring in mind the "free" album has already been removed).

    Please help, I'm really particular with what music I have on my phone and this isn't once of them...
  2. spamurai thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 23, 2012
    FINALLYYY, after a couple of hours, trying a whole bunch of random things.. I've found a solution. Also, this would probably work for other songs that won't delete...

    Here we go, if you have a song that won't delete, do the following:

    1) Log onto iTunes Store, via iTunes on you computer,
    2) Click "purchased" on the right hand side, to view your purchases,
    3) Download the song in question again (or for the first time) to your iTunes library, (if it's not there, it's probably hidden and will need to be unhidden by going onto your account on iTunes and pressing "manage" against "Hidden Purchases"),
    4) Once downloaded, tick/check "Manually manage your music" and in the music section, click the song in question (and any others you want to sync to your iPhone),
    5) After syncing has completed, check your iPhone and try again to delete, the delete button will now be prompt when you slide right to left.
    6) Remember to go back into iTunes and uncheck the song to avoid it being transferred again in the future.

    This should work for any song that you can't delete assuming it's been purchased and/or previously stored in iCloud or iTunes.

    Good luck.

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