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This is a long saga. I'm running Mavericks on a Late 2013 iMac 27". I have been unsuccessful more than a dozen times trying to download Flash-player from the Adobe website for downloads. I even tried switching browsers from Safari to Firefox hoping flash is bundled with it. I'll post the error message i get. The one below is 10 minutes after I downloaded the Flash install utility. No data coming over.

I tried booting in Safe Mode.
I tried using a Guest User for login on the Mac.
I tinkered with Safari/Firefox Preferences (cookies, plug-ins, security, advanced)
I enabled downloads from Any source. Before it was the AP store only.
I tripled the browser cache to 750mb.

The only thing I haven't looked into is Java. It is there in my Sys Prefs pane and I know there is a control pane for Java.

Without Flash, I continually get error messages from websites. The NY Times had a video, and when i played it, I got a message that the version of Flash is outdated.

What have I overlooked here.



Sep 10, 2013
This may not help but I get a message that in order for me to download Flash, I have to Quit Safari (Right click the icon) first than continue with the download. Just a shot. Good luck
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