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    Nov 4, 2007
    Well, a while ago I was in the process of cleaning up my iBookG4 and I think that i deleted something essential for the download/install process. Usually when I go to download an application (even from the app will download but then turn into a little "paper" on the downloads page, which then is useless because I cannot install that. On other occasions, such as Limewire, the lime will show up in the download page and then it will tell me to double click to install. I do that then it goes to my dock and bounces a few times and then another thing pops up on my dock called "Installer" which looks like a paper and a few pencils on the dock and immediately after that shows up everything goes away (including the limewire app thing) off my dock, and nothing ends up installing.
    Please if anyone could loan me some help, i would greatly appreciate it....because I cant download anything!


    I have a screen name too for AIM if thats easier: MikeMasseXC
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    Downloading apps from torrent sites isn't particularly wise and is almost always illegal which means we cannot help you with it. However, you should be able to download and install apps from Apple's site. Give us some examples of apps you can't download so we can check what mechanism they use to install (DMG, installer or whatever). :)

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