Can't download Skype - Virus issue


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Nov 25, 2011
Whenever I try and register an account for Skype VirusBarrier X6 pops up (on either Safari or Chrome) and tells me this:

What's going on? I don't know whether to Add to Trusted Sites or Ignore it etc. because I don't really know what's trying to be downloaded.

... I'm only trying to download Skype :/

Nov 28, 2010
Do you have Virus Barrier installed?

Currently there are zero viruses affecting Mac OS X in public circulation, but there are other kinds of malware existing, that can infect your Mac.
But as long as you don't install software from unknown and untrusted sources, you are safe, as malware needs administrative permissions to run successfully, which means, you need to install the malware yourself, it can't install itself (one of the reasons, why a Mac OS X virus hasn't appeared yet).
To learn more about malware in Mac OS X and what steps can be taken to protect yourself, read the following F.A.Q.:
Mac Virus/Malware Info by GGJstudios
The above F.A.Q. includes the following topics:
  • Malware terminology - What is the difference between viruses, worms, and Trojans?
  • Antivirus apps
  • What security steps should I take?
  • What about sending files to Windows users?
  • Why am I being redirected to other sites?
  • Recent threats in the news

Do you go to


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Nov 25, 2011
Yeah, am using VirusBarrier. I have it because it came with a two year subscription when I bought my Mac.

Yeah, I've been using but I couldn't find a direct download link, like the one McGiord posted. It was making me create an account first, and each time I went to that, that VirusBarrier message came up.

So I can just create the account and when the warning comes up click add to trusted sites and it will all be good? I'm still a bit Windows-y when it comes to viruses and malware.


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Jan 6, 2002
I would uninstall VirusBarrier. There is no virus in Skype, and this just serves as an illustration of the uselessness of that particular piece of software. If you really must run an anti-virus program, use ClamXAV (and disable the active scanning function).



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May 16, 2008
Yeah, am using VirusBarrier.
As others have said, I recommend you uninstall VirusBarrier. You don't need it. You don't need any 3rd party antivirus app to keep your Mac malware-free. Macs are not immune to malware, but no true viruses exist in the wild that can run on Mac OS X, and there never have been any since it was released over 10 years ago. You cannot infect your Mac simply by visiting a website, unzipping a file, opening an email attachment or joining a network. The only malware in the wild that can affect Mac OS X is a handful of trojans, which cannot infect your Mac unless you actively install them, and they can be easily avoided with some basic education, common sense and care in what software you install. Also, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion have anti-malware protection built in, further reducing the need for 3rd party antivirus apps.
  1. Make sure your built-in Mac firewall is enabled in System Preferences > Security > Firewall

  2. Uncheck "Open "safe" files after downloading" in Safari > Preferences > General

  3. Uncheck "Enable Java" in Safari > Preferences > Security. Leave this unchecked until you visit a trusted site that requires Java, then re-enable only for your visit to that site. (This is not to be confused with JavaScript, which you should leave enabled.)

  4. Check your DNS settings by reading this.

  5. Be careful to only install software from trusted, reputable sites. Never install pirated software. If you're not sure about an app, ask in this forum before installing.

  6. Never let someone else have physical access to install anything on your Mac.

  7. Always keep your Mac and application software updated. Use Software Update for your Mac software. For other software, it's safer to get updates from the developer's site or from the menu item "Check for updates", rather than installing from any notification window that pops up while you're surfing the web.
That's all you need to do to keep your Mac completely free of any virus, trojan, spyware, keylogger, or other malware. You don't need any 3rd party software to keep your Mac secure.