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    Nov 30, 2011
    Hi everyone, I'm new here so please bear with me! My computer recently died so I had to get a new one, I basically lost everything on the old one (including all my music files) and have started from scratch. So I've installed iTunes again on the new computer but now I can't seem to put any new music on my iPhone 4!
    I can upload music into my iTunes library without any trouble but I can't drag it over onto my iPhone - when I try to I get the little red circle symbol with a line through it and it says my iPhone is already registered to a different iTunes library (I'm assuming, the one on my old computer, which no longer exists!). I tried ticking the box to allow me to manually manage my music, but I got a prompt saying if i do this I will lose all of the music on my iPhone and it will be replaced with the music in my iTunes library (which is only half a dozen new songs - the majority of my music is on my iPhone!).
    I'm kind of scared to do anything (like restore the settings) because I don't want to lose all of the songs on my iPhone as I don't have them backed up anywhere... Any ideas?? Any help much appreciated!!
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    Oct 14, 2011

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