Can't Drop Music on iPhone 6

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    I'm trying to add some mixes from music festivals that I have, and they of course won't be uploaded to iTunes match due to them having a large file size, not a problem for me. What I do have a problem with, is the fact that iTunes refuses to let me add any of the tracks with the message stating:
    Some of the files were not copied to the iPhone because iTunes Match is enabled on this iPhone

    Is there a way around this without disabling iTunes Match, or is this just another "feature" of iTunes?

    iPhone 6/iOS8.1
  2. rigormortis, Nov 28, 2014
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    Jun 11, 2009
    the second or latest version of vlc media player got pulled i think

    using a different media player and using itunes to sync the files as documents to those apps is the only thing i can think of

    the latest vlc even had wifi upload so u can put stuff there without itunes
    it was really swell
    none of my videos i encoded myself had working audio tracks though

    i tried to airdrop a mp3 file to my iPad but it won't accept it, because match is on or mp3s are not allowed

    one possible solution: email yourself the mp3s and they will play on the iPad . i don't see an option for saving

    solution 2 : encode them as a video file. you can sync video files and even airdrop video files. add a blank screen or something.

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