Can't factory reset iPad 1432

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    May 15, 2019
    I recently got a free iPad Mini at a garage sale giveaway. But lo and behold it was a "lost" device from Winona State U. I contacted their tech support and they said, Just keep it; the student has already paid for losing it. So I install ITunes on my Win10 and go through the factory reset procedure. However, I then get to a screen that demands a WSU name and password -- no way around it. I contact WSU's tech support -- and they can't, won't do anything for me -- even though they reiterated they don't want it back. I don't want to throw it away. What can I do?
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    Nothing. Only the owner of that Apple ID can release the device.
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    Unfortunately, you’re stuck with it. Lucky it was free.
    Now the issue is how to get rid of it.
    Best way is for free if you have a nearby Apple store - just drop it off.
    Otherwise you can pay for recycling or mail it back to IT at the university and let them deal with it, whichever is cheaper.
    However, even though you’ve talked with university IT department, sending it to them could still lead to awkward questions.
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    You can try the factory reset without connecting to iTunes. The directions can be found on the Apple support pages. I just did this with my wife’s iPod (not using iTunes). I do not remember being asked for the password or Apple ID.
    After doing this you should be able to set up the iPad fresh.
    Can’t hurt to try.
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    May 22, 2019
    Recovery mode can be used:
    1. Turn off the iPad
    2. Turn on the computer (make sure it is running the latest iTunes) and open iTunes
    3. Connect the Lightning cable to your computer. Unplug the other end of the power plug
    4. On the iPad, press and hold the Home button and connect the Lightning Cable at the same time
    5. Press the Home button until you see "Connect to iTunes Screen" on the iPad or iTunes detects your iDevice
    6. After iTunes detects your device, a message pops up informing you that iTunes has found the device and is currently in recovery mode.
    7. Follow any instructions on the screen

    The above are the steps copied from Google.
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    That won’t work in this case. The OP device is locked by the school.factory reset won’t remove the lock.
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    This isn’t going to work unfortunately. The issue is server-based, not based on the device.

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