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Dec 30, 2013
So I recently had to wipe my mac and all that hoo hah. I've reinstalled the 2 discs that come with my mac, and everything is working fine. My mac is on version 10.6.3 at the moment, but I bought OS X Lion about a year ago. So I figured I'd simply re-download and install it. I can't get through to my "purchased" in the iTunes store, because it keeps telling me to update my iTunes, but I can't update my iTunes, because I'm not running on a recent enough OS.
Any suggestions on how to get my OS X Lion back?


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Aug 24, 2009
You need to update to the version of Snow Leopard that has the Mac App Store. I think its version 10.6.6. Try running Software Update, it should get you updated enough so you can get Lion back (through the Mac App Store, not the iTunes Store :) ).
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