Cant find signal after 3.1.2 unlock

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Strategy, May 2, 2010.

  1. Strategy macrumors member

    Jul 13, 2008
    Hey all,

    My phone has been jailbroken since last year using blackrain. Im trying to install ultrasn0w via cydia to unlock it but after its installed it can no longer find the AT&T service. Ive tried resetting network settings but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

    3.1.2 with baseband 5.11.07
  2. Applejuiced macrumors Westmere


    Apr 16, 2008
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    Ultrasnow does not work with your baseband.
    Remove it and install blacksnow thru cydia. That unlock will work for your bb 05.11.07
  3. Strategy thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 13, 2008

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